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TDM Multiplexer

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 Input : L-band(1~1.55 GHz) QPSK Modulated TDM Signal
Output : S-band(2.36~2.655 GHz) CDM Signal
Baseband Differential I/Q output Available
Capture QPSK Demodulated TDM Signal with 2.304 Mbps
PN Code and GAP ID are adjustable
Single or full auto test for S-DMB Terminal is available (BER Measurement)
Single/Two Tone test is available
External 20 dBm Amplifier is available (option)
Generate CDM output from stored Baseband TDM Signal
TDM generation using TS stream is available
All function and status can be monitored and controlled in GUI environment
CDM Signal black-out test is available
AWGN generator (S/N range -21.5~+14.5 dB, 0.1 dB step) is available (Option)